Conquering Distance Learning This Fall
distance learning

It’s safe to say that things this fall for most students will be different. That back to school hustle that energizes everyone may have been brought to a halt but never fear, we’re here to share how you can still have a great experience and be successful while learning remotely and conquering distance learning.

Keep back to school traditions alive.

First and foremost, keep some of those back to school traditions alive by getting yourself the new notebooks, a planner, and other materials instead of settling for the ones you didn’t finish up last semester. There’s always such a refreshing feeling starting with a new set of materials. 

Designate a study space.

Make room for your studies! This helps you literally get out of bed in the morning. A big part of having a successful experience while distance learning is moving around. If your bed becomes the catchall for your daily routine, sooner or later it’ll become hard to focus on schoolwork while you’re in there. So get up and switch things around with distance learning. 

Effective time management is key!

If you’re looking for ways to be successful this fall start by planning out how you will spend your time each week and form a routine that’s based around a framework of success. As mentioned above, avoid taking your classes in bed, and make class time the time you spend in your designated study spot! Take it from me, studying in bed is not a great idea, I was part of the class of 2020, those who wrapped up their college experience from their beds. Along with this, read the syllabus and be familiar with it. Markdown important dates, for all your classes. And regularly check back to see if the professor has updated or changed it.

Communicate and stay connected.

Know your syllabus well, and build a habit of communicating with your professors every week. This allows them to see you virtually, and remember you. It also helps you stay on track with what’s happening in your course. While you’re at it, check your emails regularly and make sure your inbox is clean as much as possible. Allowing emails to pile up not only causes you to miss important communications with your professors and peers, but it can also cause anxiousness. Maintaining a clutter-free inbox will aid you in feeling organized and prepared for distance learning. 

Be as prepared as you can.

Along with knowing your syllabus, stay prepared by making sure your technology is working, you have access to the software you need and know how to use it. Sometimes things don’t work out even when we’ve crossed our Ts and dotted our Is, so keep your professors in the loop. Report issues as soon as possible when you run into them. This not only helps your professors know what’s happening, but it builds trust between you which is always great to have.

Above all, be persistent.

Log into your courses regularly to stay on top of things. Reach out to professors as much as you can. Do your homework in a timely manner, ask for help, and keep pushing. Distance learning is only a season we’re in. It isn’t forever, so don’t treat it as forever! And of course, don’t forget to have fun along the way. This will be one for the books. 🙂

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