BetterYou, the Healthy Habits Companion

Today, the time we spend on devices is optimized not for what we want, but for what we’ll watch. Here at BetterYou, we’re creating a world where your time isn’t optimized by apps or advertisers, it’s optimized for the things you care about most.

Our goal is to help people improve their lives by reminding them about the goals they said were important to them at the right time. Through this, our organizations can help their members find balance in all areas of wellness. Our company is constantly evolving as we discover the best ways to make this happen. Right now, we’re at a pivotal point in which we’re able to better define our app, our mission, and the processes we use to improve wellness.

In the past, some people knew us as a wellness app. Others called us a digital wellbeing coach. Some liked to think of us as a time management tool. And a few even referred to us as a goals tracking platform. While it’s true that most of these designators addressed aspects of what we do for users, none of them felt quite right.

So as of today, Apr 27, 2022, BetterYou is now officially operating under a newly created category that aligns perfectly with our strategic vision, product roadmap, and our mission to help people improve their lives by giving them their time back. 

BetterYou is a Healthy Habits Companion. This new category helps us better define who we are what makes us different. Our employees are excited to launch this new category, to better position our app, and to share what we’ve been working on with our members.

“When we started BetterYou, we knew that we were building something that had to be time giving, something that was there with you from the start,” said Sean Higgins, CEO of BetterYou. “We could not be more excited for the launch of our Healthy Habits Companion. The first step in helping you be the person you want to see in the mirror tomorrow is to help you make the most of your time today.”

What is a Healthy Habits Companion?

A Healthy Habits Companion is a software tool or mobile app that helps you achieve your goals and improve your life. 

The purpose of an app like BetterYou is to help people build better habits, gain more control over their time, and improve their life by achieving their goals. 

A Healthy Habits Companion stays up to date with progress on the goals you care about most – like walking more, meditating more, talking to family and friends more, or getting more sleep. 

What are the main requirements for a Healthy Habits Companion?

To be categorized as a Healthy Habits Companion, we believe the following has to be true about the tool:

  • Made for mobile 
  • Logs progress automatically requiring little to no manual entry 
  • Syncs with 10,000+ fitness and wellness apps 
  • Implements “now that” rewards vs “if/then” rewards 
  • Helps members achieve goals they care about
  • Smart nudges that motivate users to act at exactly the right time
  • Offers 80+ types of reward categories (food, fitness, shopping, entertainment) 
  • Backed by academic research and proprietary platform data

What makes us different from other wellness and goal-tracking apps?

BetterYou is the only Healthy Habits Companion that makes it easy to take control of your time, achieve your goals, and improve your life. Unlike other habit-forming and wellness goal tracking apps that require manual entry, BetterYou monitors and logs progress automatically for users and integrates with over 10,000 popular health and wellness apps. 

After members set their own goals, BetterYou encourages them to make progress on them by sending smart reminders, or nudges, at exactly the right time.

We value a holistic approach to wellness, because healthy looks different on everyone. We want to be supportive to everyone at every stage of their journey. This is why we allow members to set goals in four areas of wellness: physical, social, mindfulness and learning.

BetterYou is available for organizations and their employees and members. To learn more or book a demo, visit

What does the new category name mean for existing partners, members, and users?

Everything you know and love about BetterYou is staying the same. Positioning BetterYou as a Healthy Habits Companion simply allows us to help more people understand how we can help them improve their lives. Calling ourselves a Healthy Habits Companion will also help guide us and keep us honest as we plan, develop, and launch new features for our users.

We’re excited to step into this next phase of our journey. Thank you for being part of our story!

The BetterYou app uses behavior science to improve digital health and make it stick.

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