20 Wellness Program Ideas to Implement in 2020

by | Jan 6, 2020

wellness program ideas

Finding and retaining top talent in today’s job market can be a challenge. Candidates want more than just a good salary—they want a positive work culture and other “perks” to make the position more appealing. One benefit to consider adding to your work environment is a corporate wellness program. In this post, we share 20 wellness program ideas to introduce in the New Year.

Why do you need a corporate wellness program?

A corporate wellness program can keep employees happier, healthier and more motivated, which means more productivity, less health care costs and less turnover for you as an employer. There are many different wellness program ideas that companies can implement. From yoga to healthy snacks, consider adding one or more of these 20 wellness program ideas into your organization.

20 wellness program ideas

Provide healthy snack options.

Opt for fresh fruit, protein bars and other healthy snacks for employees to choose from. Healthy eating leads to a clearer mind and productivity.

Hold walk and talk meetings.

Get your team out of the office and go for a walk instead of sitting around the conference room table.

Provide in-office fitness classes.

Host weekly or monthly classes for employees to participate in. This will get them moving and help them on a journey to a healthier body and mind. A good wellness program should prioritize physical activity.

Pay for all or part of gym memberships.

Gym membership fees can often deter employees from taking this important step for their health. Consider paying for all or part of employees’ fitness membership fees, which will help motivate them to get off the couch and into the gym.

Offer flexible work hours when possible.

Allowing employees to work when they’re most productive or to work from home on occasion can be beneficial to their mental health, and keep them happier and healthier.

Offer incentives for employees who walk or bike to work.

Not only are they doing something positive for their health, but they’re also helping to reduce pollution and traffic.

Create an office cookbook full of healthy recipes.

Cooking the same things over and over can get boring. Encourage employees to bring a healthy recipe to the office and share it in an office-wide cookbook.

Host weight loss challenges.

It’s always easier to stick to a weight loss wellness program when there’s accountability. Rally employees together to help each other achieve their health goals. 

Host monthly health screens.

Employees will benefit from blood pressure checks, etc., which they may not always do on their own.

Encourage physical activity breaks during long meetings.

Employees will appreciate stretching their legs during a long and often stressful meeting or conference.

Bring in a chef for the day.

Hire a local chef to come to the office and share healthy cooking tips and recipe ideas.

Advocate for employees to take their vacation.

Employees return from vacation rested and clear minded, ready to tackle their next challenge. Encourage employees to take their vacation, rather than banking it or exchanging it for pay.

Reconsider traditional chairs.

Offer options such as standing desks or yoga balls, so that employees are more comfortable

Create an office library.

Ask employees to bring in books they enjoy, particularly ones related to health, fitness and success in business. Allow them to exchange books, and keep them in one, central location so they can swap and share.

Provide over-the-counter medication.

When a cold or the flu runs rampant in an office, everyone risks getting sick. Provide common medications for colds, coughs, etc. to help keep employees out of the doctor’s office.

Say “yes” to naps.

Short daytime naps can increase productivity and creativity. So, consider allowing employees to take a short nap in a designated area, especially after lunch.

Say “thank you” and provide feedback.

Employees who feel valued are likely to work harder and stay with the company longer. Don’t forget to show appreciation for employees at all levels.

How to implement a corporate wellness program

Implementing a corporate wellness program can be difficult as well as time-consuming. A number of apps and services are available to help you build and maintain your program. BetterYou is a virtual coach that allows employees to customize their wellness program and incentivizes them to stay engaged.

Interested in learning more about how we can help your employee population improve their steps and sleep while reducing burnout?

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