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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people enter things manually such as reading a physical book?

BetterYou is designed to help its members use their phones in ways that contribute to their health goals. We run in the background to measure these activities so that the member doesn’t have to. By doing so we’re able to nudge people away from unhealthy behaviors (like doom scrolling on TikTok) and toward those that are more aligned with their goals (like learning a new language), giving them credit in the process. Our app only captures information on how members are using their devices; we don’t provide manual entry for things like reading an actual book. While we encourage this type of activity, we want to keep the app aligned with our mission, to help people take control of the discretionary time they spend on their devices.

What permissions are required and why?

In order to work reliably, BetterYou asks for certain permissions such as location or notifications permissions.

To learn more, check out this page.

What about the privacy of our members?

BetterYou values members’ data privacy above all else. We do not share individual member data with anyone. It is used only to help members work toward their goals in the app and will be included in data reporting to customers on an anonymized aggregated basis only.

Download Our Privacy One Pager 

For more information, please check out the following resources:

Are people able to connect their wearable devices to BetterYou?

Yes! If their wearable device syncs with their mobile device (Android or iOS) then the data captured by the wearable is tracked via the native app (Google Fit or Apple Health). Our app is designed to work in the background and pull data directly from Apple Health and/or Google Fit to update any relevant goals you’ve set within the BetterYou app. Our app also integrates directly with Garmin, Apple Watch, and FitBit.

Does the app work on tablets or desktops?

The app does not work on desktop computers. It is also not designed to work on tablets. However, iPhone/iPad users can sync their screen time for tablet and phone and time spent on both devices should be captured. For example, if someone prefers to use their iPad for reading but uses their phone for language learning, syncing the screen time on devices will allow them to get credit for both activities.

How do rewards work?

Members can earn gift cards for activities related to their goals. These are continuous, random, and tied to goal completion as well as doing things that help them work toward their goals like:

  • completing challenges with buddies
  • viewing highlights/turnarounds in the app
  • adding buddies
  • modifying goals

Members can now earn unlimited rewards with BetterYou! For more information on how rewards work in the app, check out this article.

Are people able to sign up using their personal email addresses? How do you know they are one of our employees/students?

As long as your members sign up using the custom link provided they will be able to sign up using their personal email address. This custom link associates them with your account which enables us to track license utilization, run challenges with your community, and provide aggregate data reporting to you.

Do you have a list of apps Better You will connect with that we can provide to students/employees interested in the app?

We have over 10,000 apps currently in our database that folks can connect to. This includes nearly every popular app as well as less common apps used for goals. The takeaway here is that if someone is using an app that is not in our database, we will receive a notification to review this app upon the member signing up for BetterYou and it will be added so that they receive credit. Here is an article that talks a bit more about this.

What do I do if someone has trouble signing up or problems while they’re in the app?

Your contract comes with member support Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5pm CST. There are three ways people can get help from us:

1) access our help center to navigate features and issues on their own

2) reach out to us at or

3) reach out via in-app chat.


$3 / engaged/ month

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