BetterYou for Employers

Increase employee engagement, wellbeing, and performance by developing healthier habits in physical, social and mental wellness. 

Improve Digital Behavior


Your employees spend an average of over 3 hours per day on their phones. BetterYou meets employees where they are – on their phones. We help employees succeed by influencing their behavior to achieve their personal wellness goals.



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What Employees are Saying

We can be so busy that we don’t realize when we haven’t chatted with the people important to us.

Candice, Fuller University Employee

What Employees are Saying

I was out of bed a bit after 4am. I was scrolling through Instagram and I got a notification asking if this could wait, as I have made sleep a priority. This helped me get back to bed.

Ben, Ecolab Employee

What Employees are Saying

This app helps me be more productive by maximizing my time and potential.

Brian, Freelance Researcher

The Value of BetterYou

BetterYou enables you to better understand the health and goals of your employee population. Running seamlessly in the background, BetterYou provides a real-time dashboard to enable you to make data-driven decisions for offerings that will best benefit your employees. 


Reach more employees where they are already spending a significant  amount of time.

Engage employees easily to achieve better outcomes.

Connect employees with resources when they need them most.

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