Performance Review Questions to Ask Your Boss

by | Mar 13, 2023

If you don’t know what a performance review is, it’s typically a conversation between an employee and their boss in which the boss gives the employee feedback on their work performance, strengths and weaknesses in the role, and overall areas of improvement. 

Performance reviews are beneficial to both the boss and the employee. The boss is able to give the employee feedback on what’s working for them, as well as what’s not, and meanwhile, the employee is able to understand how their boss is viewing them in their role.

In order for the employee to fully benefit from their performance review, sometimes, it’s important for them to ask questions. It can be difficult to know which questions to ask, though, which is why I’ve come up with 10 questions that you can ask your boss during your next performance review. Let’s dive in!

Questions to Ask Your Boss in Your Next Performance Review

1. What am I doing well in my role, and what would you like to see me improve upon?

2. How can I be a better communicator, both with you and with my team?

3. What are the company’s goals and how can I contribute to the success of them?

4. How can I be of greater support to you and to my coworkers?

5. Are there opportunities available for professional growth, and if so, how do I pursue those?

6. Is there anything that I’m doing in my role that you’d like to see me do differently?

7. What skills do I need to develop to advance in my career, and how do I develop these?

8. Can you provide examples of when I exceeded or fell short of your expectations?

9. What are ways that I can be a better employee and team player?

10. What are your expectations for me in this coming year, and how should I meet those?

I encourage you to use these questions during your next performance review, and hope that by doing so, you’ll receive great feedback. Asking questions in the performance review process will not only give you a better idea of what you’re doing well and what you can improve upon, but it will also demonstrate to your boss that you care about the position you’re in and the company you’re working for.

So best of luck with your next performance review! And remember, remain open to constructive criticism, appreciative of positive feedback, and last but not least, committed to your professional development.

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