How to Build Up Your Immune System

by | Sep 14, 2022

How to Build Up Your Immune System

This morning, I scheduled my annual flu shot. Just before the leaves get brown, we start taking precautions against health hazards like the flu, which strike in fall. Now that I got the email from my pharmacy, I can confirm that it is officially flu season. Whether there is a new COVID outbreak, the flu goes around, or any other potentially dangerous sickness knocks at your door, it is always better to be prepared. That includes taking care of your immune system so that when you do get sick, your body has no problem dealing with it. There are a lot of overall methods that you can implement to improve your immunity. In this article we will explore four alternative basic ways to upgrade.


Supplements are a great way to give your body a boost in overall health and immunity. Whether you take a multivitamin every morning or add a vitamin pill to your nighttime routine, ensuring that your body has all the right tools to function properly will help boost your immune system and help you fight off any viruses. Make sure that you account for vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can even use superfoods as supplements, using them to up your nutritional intake. These nutrients could even boost your mood


Somehow, whenever wellbeing is the topic, exercise is the answer. Whenever I used to see that, I would roll my eyes. Exercise can’t be THAT important, I don’t want to, or whatever other excuses I could come up with. When I started going for walks everyday, I noticed improvements in my mood, blood sugars, and immunity. I was not getting sick anymore! When you exercise, you work out all of the systems operating in your body. Your cardiovascular system pumps blood through your arteries and strengthens their reach. Your endocrine system regulates the hormones it creates, which are vital to your ability to fight viruses. In fact, even just walking everyday like I did changes the whole profile of your mental health. So no matter what your concern is, just give exercise a shot. It can change your life.

Drink Water, not Alcohol

Over time, alcohol depletes your ability to defend against disease. The great escape of drinking provides an escape from health, as high intake interferes with your blood cells. The CDC notes that a standard amount of alcohol to consume in one setting is up to 4 drinks. Past that point, it is considered binge drinking. The most health conscious choice you can make, however, is skipping the alcohol altogether. Limiting yourself to a few drinks per week is a set up for success in your immunity, as well as numerous other health benefits.


Yes, the best way to wake your brain up naturally is also one of the best ways to support your immune system’s health. Sunlight is like magic. When your brain acknowledges the presence of sunlight, it completely changes the hormones released, sends different signals, and turns up alertness. Being in the sun is a primary way to absorb vitamin D, which benefits your wellbeing and contributes to mental health significantly. Sunlight primarily facilitates healthy intake, exercise motivation, and a balanced circadian rhythm.

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