Better Digital Decisions Every Day

BetterYou is a digital coach that allows individuals to maximize their time and stay focused on goals that matter. 

Helping People Take Back Their Time

Recent Studies* indicate that 90% of our discretionary time is spent staring at a screen. BetterYou helps people spend their time on the things that matter most – (physical, mental, social, educational) dimensions of wellness.

*data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What People are Saying

I was out of bed a bit after 4am. I was scrolling through Instagram and I got a notification asking if this could wait, as I have made sleep a priority. This helped me get back to bed.

Ben, Sleep Goal

What People are Saying

We can be so busy that we don’t realize when we haven’t chatted with the people important to us.

Candice, Social Connection Goal

What People are Saying

The app helped me go from talking to some people in my life every few weeks to every few days

Sapphire, Social Connection Goal

Watch BetterYou in Action

See how BetterYou can support your health and wellness goals.

Influencing Behaviors

No Data Entry

Information is automatically retrieved from your phones data stream and updated in real-time.

Increased Wellness Engagement

Make data-driven decisions for offerings that will best benefit your organization, based on live data from your BetterYou dashboard.

Clear Wellness ROIs

BetterYou results in a wealth of measurable behavioral data to supplement what may be your sole baseline of insurance cost trends.

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