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How It Works

Set health and wellness goals

Set Health and
Wellness Goals
You Care About.

BetterYou Works in the Background to
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Set health and wellness goals
Set health and wellness goals

Your Digital Coach,
BetterBot, Will Send
You Personalized
and Timely Nudges.

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38% of people on the BetterYou app are sleeping 30 min more per night
61% of people are getting an extra 10 minutes of talk time with their friends and family per day
42% of people improve average movement by 500 steps per day

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Happy Customers

“I feel like I’m not doing anything right now but the app reminds me that I actually am making progress towards my goals.”

“You don’t always get recognized for the things you do for yourself, so it’s really nice that BetterYou recognizes that self care is an important part of care.”