BetterYou for Higher Education

BetterYou works with colleges and universities to engage students and help them develop healthier habits in physical, social and mental wellness.

Improve Digital Behavior

Your students spend an average of over 3 hours per day on their phones. BetterYou meets students where they are – on their phones. We help students succeed by influencing their behavior to achieve their personal wellness goals.



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What Students are Saying


I can see my overall life – how much time I’m spending on certain things. It helps me manage my time.

Mylan, Sophomore at Michigan State University

What Students are Saying

I like the ability of the app to input stuff and work behind the scenes so I don’t need to track a bunch of stuff on my end.

Cara, Student at Fuller

What Students are Saying

The app really helps me get an overall view of myself and life, which I didn’t have before.

Sapphire, Sophomore at Florida International University

The Value of BetterYou

BetterYou enables you to better understand the health and goals of your student population. BetterYou provides a real-time dashboard to enable you to make data-driven decisions for offerings that will best benefit your students. 


Reach more students where they are already spending the bulk of their time.

Engage students to achieve better outcomes.

Connect students with resources when they need them most.

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Case Study: Fuller Theological Seminary 

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