Live with a Wellness App and Get $50!

Thank you for your interest in the Stanford Behavior Design Lab’s Remote Control Trial involving the efficacy of digital wellness solutions. The lab is partnering with BetterYou as a data collection partner in a wellness oriented randomized control trial.

We are looking for college students (undergrad and above) interested in improving aspects of their health and wellness to participate in a simple 6 week study for $50/participant. Interested parties need to complete the following survey for consideration in the study.

Please fill out the form by end of day 8/24. We will contact you if you’re selected by 8/29.

Participating in the Study


Wellness study run buy the Stanford Behavior Design Lab.


6 weeks; starting as early as 8/29/2022.


Entirely remote!

What’s in it for You

$50/participant; just download an app
after you’ve been selected and open
it periodically.

Study Requirements


  1. Participants must use their school email address, ending in “.edu” to apply.

  2. Participants must stay in the continental US for the study duration.

  3. Must have iOS.

  4. Must comply with data and communication requirements.