The Benefit of BetterBot

BetterBot, BetterYou’s Artificial Intelligence, helps you achieve your goals by encouraging you to spend your time on the things that matter most (physical health, mindfulness, social connections, and education).

Tracking Activity in Real Time

You have the opportunity to set personal goals around physical health, social connections, education and mindfulness. Once goals are established, BetterYou automatically maps how you spend your digital time. 

Empowering Holistically

Modeled on the eight dimensions of wellness, the BetterYou solution takes a proactive approach to enhancing your students’ or employees’ wellbeing, so they’re better equipped to handle challenges both on and off campus.

Staying on Track

When you get off track, BetterYou “nudges” you into making better decisions that align with your goals. It achieves this through an AI called BetterBot which gives you credit for how you spend time on your phone, and creates digital summaries of behavior. The summaries are then used to determine the prime time to send nudges for ‘trigger conditions’.

Establish Better Habits

You can check your progress on a personalized dashboard that displays the percentage of progress toward weekly goals. As life changes and habits are formed, you can update your goals to focus on new areas. 

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